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Må Gud velsigne kirken...


"May God bless his church to be a blessing to the world in the Advent season". Må Gud velsigne kirken slik at den blir til velsignelse i adventstiden, skriver biskop Christian Alsted i sin adventsoppfordring.

Biskop Christian Alsted har skrevet brev til menighetene.


Brevet er skrevet på engelsk, siden vi som kirke har felles biskop med blant annet Baltikum.

God’s renewed creation

God’s creation is in suffering. As the United Methodist Church we cannot remain silent while God’s people and God’s planet suffer. This beautiful natural world is a loving gift from God, the Creator of all things seen and unseen. God has entrusted its care to all of us, but we have turned our backs on God and on our responsibilities. Despite intercennected threats to life and hope like poverty, environmental degradation, war and violence God’s creative work continues. Despite the ways we all contribute to these problems, God still invites each one of us to participate in the work of renewal. We must begin the work of renewing creation by being renewed in our own hearts and minds. We cannot help the world until we change our way of being in it.

Advent is a time of repentance, of hope and of looking for God’s salvation to renew of all of his creation. In this Advent season the Council of Bishops encourages the whole church to focus on “God’s renewed creation” in a pastoral letter to the whole denomination. This letter and a litugy for worship is being translated to all Nordic and Baltic  languages, and I want to encourage all churches in the Nordic and Baltic countries to focus their worship on Sunday 13th December (in the middle of the Climate Summit in Copenhagen) on “God’s renewed creation.”. On this days church bells across the world will ring 350 # times to sound the alarm on the threat of global climate change in observance of International Day of Climate Action – I encourage all our churches with bells to do the same. This is also a good opportunity to take purposeful steps in decreasing the Co2 footprint of our churches, and in this way being good stewards of God’s creation.

May God bless his church to be a blessing to the world in the Advent season

Christian Alsted

Each church is encouraged to do the following:

·     Make “God’s renewed creation” the theme of worship services on 13th December

·     Read the pastoral letter “God’s renewed creation” or part of it at the worship service

·     Use the liturgy in the worship service on the 13th December

·     If you have bells – ring them 350 times on 13th December as a wakeup call for this world, that we need to change our ways.

# The 350 tolls of the church’s bells are meant to signify the parts per million that most scientists, climate experts, and government officials believe is the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere if global warming is not to increase with more than 2 degrees celsius. We are currently at 390, and need to take action globally to build awareness to reduce this number to below 350.

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